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When is my child ready for a "Learn to Skate" program?

There is no precise answer to this question, but in most cases, the sooner the better. Some children, although mobile, find group instruction difficult because of their short attention span. Physical, emotional and social development varies with each child and, in turn, so does the readiness to learn to skate in a group situation.

WOSC recommends a child must be able to:

  1. Walk on the floor with reasonable straight ankles while wearing skates;
  2. Understand simple instructions and follow directions from a person other than their parent

We also recommend your child be at least 3 years of age.

The child’s rate of progress will vary per the age, motor skill development, condition of equipment and the enthusiasm of the child, parents and coach.

Remember to not compare your child’s progress rate with other children.

Remember to put yourself in your child’s place. Although skating looks easy, learning to do so is not always that simple. There is also a new environment, new surroundings and new people to take into account.

Please have patience with the coaches and, most importantly, with your skater while he/she is learning to skate.